I’ve spoken at various tech events and hosted webinars & workshops.

One of my favorite ways to share my ideas is live on stage, where there’s so much more communication bandwidth than there is in writing.


HackSlash 2022

Speaker - ML & Backend Track

An official Hacktoberfest event aimed at improving participation and contribution to open source projects, foster a more inclusive and welcoming open source community, and provide an opportunity for developers to improve their skills and gain recognition for their contributions.

Hello World 2022

Lead Organizer - ML Track

Aimed towards beginners in the field of Computer Science, Hello World is an annual event organized by Randomize(); with an objective to objective of this event is to introduce the attendees to various tech stacks, provide them related resources.


TechTales 2022

Jaipur, IN - April 2022

Annual technical fest by School of Computer Science and Engineering, Manipal University

Rennaisiance 2022

Jaipur, IN - April 2022

The International hackathon presented by Randomize ();, where the participants from all over the world will get to innovate and create with the goal to deploy the projects that they build.

CrtyptX 2.0

India - May 2022

CryptX v2.0 was a one-day long online cryptic hunt consisting of 20 questions. The goal of the players should was to find the answer as fast as possible to stay on top of the leaderboard